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Hungarian Brides—Is It Possible To Meet Hungarian Women For Marriage?

Average number of fiancé visas per year30
Success rate86% 
Divorce rate1.52 per 1,000 people
% of unmarried Hungarian women100k

It’s hard to resist the beauty and charisma of Hungarian mail order brides because these ladies don’t even have to try to make men fall for them. Despite having different cultural backgrounds and mindsets, they become true soulmates for Western men thanks to their adaptability and readiness to find compromises. You can be sure that once you meet a Hungarian mail order bride who matches your preferences, you won’t be able to let her go!

How do Hungarian mail order brides look?

hungarians girl for marriage

Many Hungarian women for marriage have a balanced mix of features prevalent in Europe and the US, which is why they look similar to ladies in your country yet have something unique about them. As for the features that stick out the most in local women, these are the following:

  • Luscious brown or dark hair 
  • Brown or green eyes
  • Slender yet feminine bodies
  • High cheekbones and full lips

How to meet Hungarian women for marriage?

Site RatingNumber of usersMale to female ratioStarting price

One of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to meet a Hungarian girl for marriage is to use online dating sites. These platforms boast hundreds of mail order brides’ profiles, so you can select your preferences and find a woman who perfectly matches them. Besides, you won’t have to travel abroad to meet a local lady or, for example, Germany brides because all you need to do is to click on her profile and start chatting with her online. You can choose a credible platform with high-quality services and a slew of success stories to make sure you’ll get the desired results from using it.

Meeting Hungarian mail order brides has become more accessible with the advent of online dating platforms. These platforms connect Western men with women from various countries, including Hungary. Let's delve into some of the popular dating sites where you might encounter Hungarian brides:


  • Overview: SofiaDate primarily connects Western men with Hungarian brides.
  • Features: The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, advanced communication tools, and verified profiles.
  • Why it's suitable for meeting Hungarian brides: Given its focus on Eastern European women, there's a good chance of encountering Hungarian profiles.


  • Overview: A well-established international platform, BravoDate website has a vast user base from various countries, including Hungary.
  • Features: The site offers advanced matchmaking algorithms, various communication tools, and a strong anti-scam policy.
  • Why it's suitable for meeting Hungarian brides: Its global reach ensures a diverse user base, increasing the likelihood of meeting Hungarian wife.


  • Overview: This is a global platform that connects men with women from various countries, potentially including Hungary.
  • Features: Advanced search tools, chat features, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Why it's suitable for meeting Hungarian brides: Its international focus means there's a chance of encountering Hungarian profiles among its diverse user base.


  • Overview: AmourFactory dating site is known for connecting Western men with European women, making it a potential platform for meeting Hungarian brides.
  • Features: The platform offers messaging, video calls, and other advanced communication tools.
  • Why it's suitable for meeting Hungarian brides: Given its focus on European women, there's a likelihood of encountering Hungarian women looking for serious relationships.

Tips for Meeting Hungarian Mail Order Brides on Dating Sites

  1. Profile Authenticity: Ensure your profile is genuine, with recent photos and honest descriptions.
  2. Respectful Communication: Always communicate respectfully and show genuine interest in getting to know the person.
  3. Safety: Be cautious about sharing personal information and avoid sending money to anyone you meet online.
  4. Learn About Hungarian Culture: Familiarizing yourself with Hungarian culture and traditions can be a great conversation starter and show your genuine interest.

Notable personality traits of Hungarian wives

wife from hungary
Wife from Hungary

What makes Hungarian mail order brides stand out among women of other nationalities are their personalities. These ladies combine seemingly opposite traits, but such a combination of personality features makes them special. Namely, these are the following traits:

  1. Curiosity and desire to get to know more about other cultures
  2. Ability to manage family and career by putting an equal amount of effort into them
  3. Knack for finding ways to keep the sparkle in her relationship
  4. Hard-working nature and decisiveness
  5. Gentle approach to people and kindness

“A Hungarian wife is a woman who prefers it when her man takes the lead, but she appreciates it if he asks her opinion before deciding on anything. So, if you make sure to keep her updated and stay on the same page, your relationship will remain harmonious and blossoming.”

How to impress a Hungarian mail order bride?

hungaria wives

A Hungarian mail order bride knows her worth and won’t settle for less. However, she isn’t as demanding as it might seem because she sees right away if your intentions are genuine and if you’re truly interested in getting to know her. These are some tips you can leverage to win her heart:

  • Stay on the positive side. Hungarian brides like other Eastern European mail order brides prefer to look at things from an optimistic point of view because they’re used to seeing the best side of things and avoid focusing on negativity. So, make sure to be kind and not text her anything that she might interpret as rudeness.
  • Be an interesting interlocutor. Hungarian wives love catching up with other people and having deep conversations. If you want to attract a local lady, you need to show your broad-mindedness and find common interests to discuss them. 
  • Don’t hesitate to open up. A Hungary wife isn’t scared to show her feelings, and you can easily understand how she feels about you based on her way of chatting. She’ll expect you to be sincere too, so don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings. 
  • Mind your manners. Hungarian wives always fall for men who shower them in compliments and are ready to take the lead. You should also offer help to your bride and make her understand that she can rely on you. 

How much do Hungarian brides cost?

AspectDetails and Costs
Online Dating Site CreditsAverage cost is about $100 per month. Typically, men use these platforms for around 6 months before meeting offline.
Round-trip Ticket to HungaryApproximately $700.
Expenses in HungaryIncludes accommodation, food, entertainment, and transport. Expected to be around $2,000.
K-1 Visa for Hungarian BrideAdds an additional $1,000 to the final cost.
Total Average CostRanges from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on preferences, duration of stay, and other variables.

Literally, you cannot buy a bride online. You pay for credits on the site. The average cost of mail order brides from Hungary depends on your preferences, the site you choose, and the number of offline dates. Yet, you can expect to spend about $100 per month on online dating sites credits. Usually, men spend about 6 months on these platforms before meeting their brides offline. As for the trip to Hungary, the average round-trip ticket cost is around $700, and you can expect to spend about $2,000 more when spending time in her country, including accommodation, food, entertainment, and transport. Usually, men also pay for K-1 visas for their Hungarian brides, which adds $1,000 to the final cost.

How Hungarian brides may differ in different parts of Hungary?

RegionCultural CharacteristicsPhysical Appearance (Generalizations)Common Traditions
Central Hungary (Budapest)Modern, cosmopolitan, influenced by Western European trends.Diverse due to the cosmopolitan nature of the capital.Urban traditions, festivals, and modern wedding ceremonies.
Western TransdanubiaClose to Austrian and Croatian influences, more Western European orientation.Slightly fairer skin and hair.Wine traditions, folk festivals.
Southern Great PlainTraditional, with a mix of Serbian, Romanian, and Slovakian influences.Darker hair and eyes.Folk dances, traditional wedding ceremonies.
Northern HungaryInfluenced by Slovakian and Ruthenian cultures.Fair skin, diverse eye and hair colors.Folk traditions, local festivals.
Eastern HungaryClose to Romanian and Ukrainian influences, traditional.Darker hair, diverse eye colors.Traditional crafts, folk music, and dances.

Conclusion about Hungarian wives online

As you can see, there are a bunch of traits that make Hungarian ladies for marriage desired among foreign men. And since you understand what to expect from them, you can decide whether you want to try your chances of attracting local women. Yet, if you still find it hard to decide, there’s a quick recap of the notable traits of Hungarian brides:

  • A Hungarian bride can balance her personal and professional lives
  • Hungarian wives have exquisite appearances
  • A wife from Hungary is loyal and adaptable
  • Hungarian brides are broad-minded
    A Hungary wife is confident and responsible
  • Hungarian brides have rather difficult lifestyles and mentalities
  • It might be hard for a Hungary wife to move abroad
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