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All About Foreign Mail Order Brides In 2024

With the development of online technologies, mail order bride services have obtained significant popularity. Thousands of foreign women looking for American men have been actively looking for a chance to marry a foreign guy for various reasons. Although finding a man either for serious dating or future life together is not easy, it is possible to say that online dating offers an appealing and interesting approach for communication. This article contains secrets and tips that helped thousands of real women become mail order brides!

What is a mail order bride?

If you look up the mail order bride definition, you’re likely to see something like “a woman who decided to use a specialized site to find a foreign man for marriage.” This concept has its roots back in the 19th century and is at its peak nowadays. It’s becoming a popular option for those who don’t want to be geographically limited when looking for soulmates, don’t have enough time for offline brides dating, or want to be sure that the lady they’re communicating with has the same interests and intentions. This is an effective and affordable way for meeting your lover without unnecessary hustle. 

The easiest way to define what’s a mail order bride is to say it’s a girl who’s decided to look for a marriage with a man abroad. Usually, these women are tired of mistreatment coming from their local men and hope to find happiness and passion in Western gentlemen.

Important mail order bride statistics

When buying a wife online, you might wonder how successful such relationships are, so we prepared some numbers that will make you confident about the decision to find a wife online. 

The most popular age groupFrom 20 to 40 years old
The most popular brides locationsAsia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe
Number of mail order bride marriages that last over a year80% 
English-speaking mail wives90% 
Average mail order wife price$3,000–$20,000

In general, if you want to buy a wife online, you have all the chances to do that because the number of mail order brides nowadays is higher than ever. A lot of men build fulfilling and long-lasting relationships with foreign brides, which proves the effectiveness of such an option. So, don’t hesitate to say “yes” to this opportunity and see where it takes you!

What is so special about mail order bride?

Sometimes people can be picky about choosing the significant others. With the help of mail order bride dating sites, everyone can now choose specific criteria he wants future partners to meet and find a perfect match in less than ten minutes.

After discovering what is a mail bride, you may wonder why independent strong women seek love internationally? The main goal of the mail order bride dating sites is pretty obvious: every user wants to find love and create a passionate relationship. So mail order brides’ intentions are crystal clear, they just want to be loved and treated with respect.

How do mail order bride services work? Everything about internet brides

Mail order wife services are incredibly simple and straightforward. For starters, let’s define the purpose of such this platforms. Although they represent businesses that generate revenue, their goal is to help single women look for single men. By signing up on a website, you become a mail order bride. Guys who register on a site can be called customers since they are the ones who pay for using the site. This is what makes order brides online incredibly great – we, as women, are provided with excellent opportunities to find a man of our dreams, and we do not have to pay for it!

The central aspect of online dating is communication – this is where you need to be active! Sure, you may get lucky, and a man would find your profile and would want to chat with you. However, I have learned that you should never rely on luck. Be active and search for guys who are attractive, interesting, and have matching goals and preferences. Send such guys messages and make sure that your messages are interesting and appealing.

Let’s break down the process of finding a mail order bride into the most important steps:

  1. Finding a bride online. Choose a credible site after reading other users’ reviews, comparing prices, and checking the available services. Then, create an account there, and select your preferences. Look through the mail order brides’ accounts you’ve matched with and see if you want to reach out to them.
  2. Communication. Make sure to point out some interesting facts about yourself on your account and add several photos. Don’t be afraid to text mail order wives because if you have something in common, you’ll easily find a common language.  
  3. Make the choice. Try chatting with several mail brides until you understand that one of them attracts you the most. Learn more about her plans, interests, and values to be sure you can build a healthy relationship together. Discuss your intentions and see if they match. Then, offer to take your relationship to another level. 
  4. Tying the knot. Once you’ve decided on a wife online you want to spend the rest of your life with, don’t hesitate to tell her that. Plan an offline meeting and see where it takes you. 

Difference between dating and mail order brides’ sites

Mail order brides are two similar terms yet are used to describe different goals. For example, if you want to find a wife online, you’ll be using a site focused on long-term relationships where women will have detailed profiles that include information about their qualities, values, and goals. Meanwhile, finding a bride online means that you’ll opt for a platform where you can chat and flirt with ladies without any further commitments.  

Dating sitesMail order brides sites 
Focused on flirting, dating, and casual relationshipsAimed at serious relationships 
Not many details, only important informationDetailed profiles and many photos 
Focused on chats and emailsVarious communication tools
Dating sites VS Mail order brides sites 

International dating vs. mail order bride — are there any differences?

As you can see above, there’s a difference between international dating vs mail order brides because the first option is more about casual communication without any expectations for taking your communication to another level. Meanwhile, mail order wives concept implies that you are looking for something serious with a woman who matches your preferences. It’s about the readiness to settle down and build a family with a person you’ve selected. 

So, choose the site based on your goals and expectations. Decide for yourself if you want something long- or short-term, and don’t be afraid to ask the girls you communicate with about their expectations!

Mail order brides are girls who look for serious, long-term, and family-oriented relationships with a foreign man. Their ultimate goal is to find a guy, date him online, and then get married and move in together. International dating, on the other hand, can be both casual or serious. A foreign wife may seek a chance to chat with a foreign guy but not looking for something serious and long-term. You may also find plenty of charming and gorgeous girls who are eager to date you — consider them online brides!

Where to find a mail order bride?

So, it’s clear you cannot technically “buy” a bride. Let’s explain where you can find a mail order bride to chat with and get to know her deeper!

There are girls from more than 40 countries around the world that didn’t succeed in finding the right man in their area and are trying to do that overseas. So, how exactly do men from the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia meet them?

You can find a bride online using mail order bride services! The easiest and most time-, money-, and the energy-saving way is to use well-known dating sites. However, don’t make a mistake by registering on the first dating site and calling quits if you don’t succeed. Be attentive to choose the best rated mail order bride sites, that has high-level security and is legit.

Why do women become mail order brides?

First of all, the reasons for girls to become foreign brides for marriage could be different. Some may be tired of rude, offensive, and simple-minded men around. Local men usually take for granted beautiful and elegant girls who then decide to become mail order brides. Machismo and sexism are the main reason why so many ladies become foreign brides for marriage. It is also essential to note that most ladies who use mail order bride services seek serious relationships, and lack of commitment among men can be another essential reason to start using international dating sites for marriage.

If you decide to order a wife online, you might be spoiled by the choice of Mail order wives profiles on the selected site. This is good news because it means you have a high chance of spotting your lover. Yet, you might be wondering why women decide to become mail order wives. There are several reasons for that, and each lady has a unique case. Yet, we can highlight some of the most common reasons for becoming a mail order bride, including the following:

  1. Lack of guys in their country. In some countries, there are more females than males, which makes it hard for ladies to build relationships. That’s why mail order brides are looking for additional options and have started looking for guys abroad. This allows them to find perfect soulmates without having to settle for less when choosing only among local guys.
  2. Higher status of men abroad. Often, American men have better careers and social statuses than guys in ladies’ homelands. Mail order girlfriends work hard to achieve their goals and want to be with partners who inspire them to strive for more. This makes them focus on finding foreign men and building healthy and fulfilling relationships with them. 
  3. Similar values with Western men. It happens that wives online live in countries with conservative and patriarchal approaches, and such lives don’t make them happy. They’re open-minded and ready for new experiences, and their surroundings don’t support that. That’s why ladies become mail order brides and dream about meeting Western men. These guys are thought to be more progressive, laid-back, and caring. 
  4. Desire to be treated as equal partners. If there are more ladies than men in the country, guys take their wives for granted, not wanting to put effort into surrounding their lovers with love and care. Mail order wives don’t want to live in such conditions and look for guys who will appreciate them and won’t be afraid of showing their feelings. 
  5. Self-development opportunities. Some countries are less fast-developing compared to the US, so a lot of ladies can’t open their full potential when living at home. So, they decide to become mail order women to build relationships with men who share the same interests and will support them in their undertakings. 

So, finding a foreign mail order wife can become an enjoyable experience because you’re likely to meet a woman who will perfectly complement you!

What’s the registration process for a mail order bride?

Sometimes, meeting a woman of your dreams can cost you a bit of money. Therefore, a dating site’s team of professionals need to make sure women on their resource are real people and not a scam.

Ladies that want to register on a mail order bride dating site have to prove their identity by:

  1. showing their passport
  2. sending their real photos
  3. having a real-life interview with administrators

How do men register?

For men, it’s way easier to begin searching for their destiny. For women, registration takes a lot of time and effort. Men can register in less than 5 minutes, by only listing some personal information and uploading a couple of photos!

What types of mail order wives appeal to American single guys?

We have surveyed a few mail order brides who had chatter with many men from the United States. It was important to understand what kind of girls are popular among American me. Fortunately, we can share this information with you as it will be definitely very helpful!

Charming and friendly

What do American men seek? Simple, convenient, and enjoyable relationships with a foreign bride. They want to have light discussions, comfortable dates, and friendly chats. Nothing complex — no debates or complicated topics. Women who can be charming and communicative will be successful with guys from this country. A good mail order wife will make a man’s dating experience comfortable and enjoyable.


Although it may sound cliché, the majority of guys from the United States who use online mail order bride services seek serious, long-term, and romantic relationships. They want to find a foreign woman who will become their wife. A man who uses mail order bride website would rarely seek something casual!


A date for an American man should possess all the qualities and knowledge needed to be a good wife. In the first place, a wife should be supportive since she is a person that is closest to her husband. Still, such quality will become useful during more serious stages of your relationships. A man would rarely want to learn how supportive a bride is on his first date.

How to find a reliable and confident man? Tips for mail order wives

Finding a reliable and confident man will define the success of your relationship with him. It’s necessary to be sure that your partner will support you anytime and stay by your side no matter what. Your man has to be the first person you tell the news to and the one who shares your happiness and helps to go through hardships. Yet, finding such a partner takes effort, so let’s take a look at some pieces of advice that will help you achieve the desired result and start building a relationship with the man who is your soulmate. These are the following:

  • Focus on self-development. If you want to find a decent man, you should pay more attention to growing your personality instead of focusing on finding a partner all the time. Guys love mail brides who know what they want, are intelligent, attractive, and have a good sense of humor. The best thing you can do to attract a confident partner is to become more self-aware and focus on your strengths, becoming the mail order girlfriend who can charm any man. 
  • Opt for meaningful conversations. When communicating with an attractive guy, make sure to discuss some deep topics. For example, talk about the books and movies he enjoys, the places he likes to visit and why, and the hobbies he has. Ask the man to tell more about his friends and explain what he values the most about them. Such details can help you understand his personality better and see if you have a chance to become a couple. 
  • Ask about his relationship goals. A man who seems to match your taste and has all the qualities you could ask for might have a different view on relationships, which is why you should discuss this topic at the outset. Ask about his intentions to understand if he’s looking for commitments or just wants to have fun. 
  • Don’t be afraid to move your bar higher over time. Settling for less isn’t the best idea, so once you understand you’ve become a better version of yourself, it’s time to focus on men of another level. Don’t hesitate to change your expectations because you won’t be happy with someone an older version of yourself could have been attracted to. 

It is highly important for internet brides to know how to find a reliable and confident man. To do so, you can ask your date some questions about potential family life and how he could solve certain problems. You can also ask your potential husband about family roles and whether he agrees that a woman should stay at home and be a housewife if she wants.

If you see that your man is not confident, do not disregard him. He is probably nervous about having a first date with a lovely lady. You can simply ask him about his life or tell him a few facts about you. After creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for communication, you can switch to finding more about his life, values, and views on family life.

As you can see, if you’re a mail bride and want to find a confident and reliable man, you have to focus on yourself, communicate with guys, and avoid settling for less.

How to choose the best mail order brides websites?

If you find a bride marriage site that provides high-quality services and has a large female user database, the chances are high you’ll meet your lover there. Yet, selecting a platform among thousands of sites might come as a challenge. That’s why we came up with a cheat sheet that will make this task easier for you. So, follow these tips:

  1. Pay attention to the site’s design. When buying a wife online, you’d want to opt for a site that puts effort into how it looks and whether the users can easily find the necessary buttons. So, evaluate the user design, scroll through the pages, and see whether the pages look pleasant and don’t annoy you with an abundance of details.
  2. See if there are enough profiles to choose from. Usually, credible mail order wives sites have extensive user databases because ladies find them trustful enough to register there. Take time to look through profiles, see if they’re detailed and include a sufficient amount of information and photos and if each account is unique and stands out from others. 
  3. Check other users’ reviews. Users often share their experiences after using international brides platforms to let others know whether they’re worth their time. So, check out some review platforms to see if the selected site has positive reviews, what men like and dislike about it, and if they were lucky enough to meet their soulmates there. 
  4. Emphasize security measures. A credible mail order girlfriends site has to take care of its users’ security by following anti-scam policies and ensuring safe payment options. See what the site says about its security measures, for example, if they have a strict verification process, encryption, or other procedures that can make you confident about your data safety. 
  5. Compare the prices. When finding a foreign bride online, you might notice that some platforms offer significantly lower prices compared to other sites. Yet, you shouldn’t opt for such platforms because you get what you pay for, and they aren’t likely to provide high-quality services. Instead, stick to the average range.  

Also, you can check our reviews of some of the most popular mail order brides sites.

Also, you can check our reviews of some of the most popular mail order brides sites. For example, we shared our opinions about the site for finding single Slavic women, Asian women, and Latin brides, to name a few.   

Advantages and disadvantages International mail order brides

There are many positive moments associated with international brides dating because this is one of the most common options for finding a soulmate without spending a fortune or investing a lot of time into this. You can specify your preferences to find a girl who will perfectly match your preferences and be ready for a serious relationship. 

One of the biggest advantages of buying a wife online is that you won’t face the disappointment of falling for a person who has different intentions. Usually, you start communicating with a person after you find out what to expect from her, which ensures a positive experience. Yet, there are some disadvantages you might face when you decide to find a wife online, so let’s take a look at them!

You find a perfect soulmateLanguage barrier
You communicate with girls from anywhereIt costs money to find a mail order bride
You get many choices You have to travel
You aren’t geographically limited
You don’t have to spend a fortune on dates

How successful are mail order marriages?

Finding a foreign mail order girlfriend is more common than you might expect because online dating is at its peak nowadays. Ladies from different parts of the world decide to look for their soulmates online, and regions like Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America are the most popular among guys. The Philippines is considered to be the most popular mail order brides destination because over 7,500 Filipino girls got married to American men in 2019. In general, around 35,881 women got K-1 visas that year, including:

  • 6,900 ladies from Europe
  • 15,386 girls from Asia
  •  3,367 mail order wives from Latin America

These numbers prove the popularity and success of building relationships with women online because there’s a high chance that you’ll stumble upon a lady who matches your preferences and shares similar interests.  

On average, mail order bride agencies help to create from 4,000 to 6,000 couples each year in the US. Around 20% of American newlyweds are in interracial marriages, and mixed marriages tend to be more stable compared to same-race couples. 

Happy stories with international mail order brides

Scott and Bianca 

“We met each other the moment we almost lost hope, but our communication made us find happiness again. We’ve had doubts about the effectiveness of dating sites, but they turned out to be the most convenient option that helped us find each other. When I stumbled upon Bianca’s profile, I couldn’t believe how similar we were and how much we’ve had in common. This woman amazed me with her broad-mindedness and open-mindedness. So, I’d definitely recommend using such sites!”

Jeremy and Dianne

“A friend of mine told me that I should try looking for a mail order wife online because that’s how he found his lover. I was rather skeptical about this idea but then I decided to give it a go. And guess what? It was a life-changing decision that helped me meet my soulmate, Dianne. She’s one of the most passionate, caring, and optimistic people I know, and I felt a strong connection after communicating with her for a month. We’ve been engaged for half a year so far, and our wedding is in a couple of months. So, don’t underestimate the power of online dating!”

Famous international couples

International and intercultural relationships can be more successful than couples from the same culture. Differences in cultures can bring people closer as they can experience new ideas and views. There are dozens of famous couples who are from different countries: Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and many more.

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