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Top 10 Films About Mail Order Bride

You can browse the internet to find out about mail brides as much as you want, but nothing will portray the real-life experience with them as good as films do. So, here are a few awesome mail bride films for you to enjoy.

1.Mail Order Bride (2008)

mail order bride 2008

From the age of 12, Diana did dirty work for businessman Tom Rourke. Fraud was all her life was filled with. One day Diana decides to change her life and escape her horrible job.

To get away from her horrible boss, she pretends to be her dying best friend, who was supposed to be a mail-order bride for a gentleman named Bo Canfield. The plot of the film is based in the Wild West and is intriguing until the very end.

The film is well directed and the chemistry between the lead actors is palpable. The plot is engaging and the pacing is relentless, keeping the audience following the characters and their journey. The film also touches on important themes such as cultural differences and the difficulty of adapting to a new way of life.

However, the film relies heavily on stereotypes, which may alienate some viewers.
In general, Film about mail bride is a decent film that offers a unique and interesting story, but it could use more depth and nuance in its exploration of themes and characters.

2. A Birthday Girl (2000)

film birthday girl
A Birthday Girl (2000)

A Birthday Girl is a 2000 film directed by Jez Butterworth and stars Nicole Kidman, Ben Chaplin, and Mathieu Kassovitz. The film tells the story of a young Englishwoman, Johnnie, who marries a Muslim man from Saudi Arabia through a mail-order bride agency. As she tries to adjust to her new life, she discovers that her husband is not who he seems to be and that she is in danger.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising Kidman’s performance and the film’s dark humor, while others criticized the pacing and lack of depth in the characters.

Overall, A Birthday Girl is a dark comedy that explores themes of identity, culture, and power dynamics in relationships, but it may not be for everyone.

Birthday Girl | Official Trailer (HD)

3. Two Brother & A Bride (2004)

two brother and bride
Two Brother and a Bride (2004)

Two brothers are looking for one wife: it’s more convenient. Jake and Josh are a bit lonely and want to find an old-fashioned woman that wouldn’t mind a threesome from time to time. To fulfill their requirements, brothers decide to take a “romance tour” to Russia.

Josh and Jake are set to find a Russian mail order bride in St. Petersburg. This is an enjoyable comedy film worth watching with friends or the whole family.

The plot is well written and keeps you in suspense throughout the film. The movie is also well directed with just the right amount of comedic moments.

All in all, “Two Brothers and a Bride” is a great movie that will leave you with pleasant impressions and entertain you. It is a must-see for fans of comedy and romance.

4. Russian Doll (2001)

russian doll
Russian Doll (2001)

It all starts really simple: a self-doubting private investigator named Harvey had plans to wed his significant other until a case of infidelity led him to discover the unfaithful party was none other than his own fiancée. Devastated, he turns to alcohol and blind dates to cope. Meanwhile, a Jewish woman named Katia journeys to Sydney from St. Petersburg after responding to an international matchmaking agency’s advertisement.

But, upon her arrival, she finds her intended groom dead. Stranded and alone, she meets Ethan, a married man and Harvey’s closest friend. Desperate to keep her in the country without his wife finding out, Ethan concocts a plan to pay Harvey to write the novel he’s always wanted to, in exchange for marrying Katia.

Though initially resistant, Harvey ultimately agrees due to his financial need. As the “convenient” marriage develops, tensions rise between Ethan and Harvey, as well as unexpected emotions between Harvey and Katia. As the grand wedding approaches, all parties question if this is the right path to finding true love.

Russian Doll movie 2001

5. The Civilization of Maxwell Bright (2005)

the civilization of maxwell bright
The Civilization of Maxwell Bright (2005)

The film begins with a serene shot of a nun in deep meditation at a temple, accompanied by a voiceover: “A good Buddhist would willingly jump into hell to save just one other person.” The scene then shifts to a depiction of a Southern California town, labeled as “HELL”. Initially, I had expected the movie to be a comedic tale of a crude man whose expectations of a submissive, doll-like mail-order bride are turned upside down. However, instead of comedy, the film takes on a dramatic and moving tone. The protagonist, Maxwell Bright, starts off as a man on the brink of self-destruction, losing everything in his life – his career, friends, home, and sense of self-worth. He believes that by purchasing a “geisha girl” he can restore his ego, but instead he discovers a resilient woman who forces him to confront the depths of his degradation and helps him to climb out of it. The production appears to have a low budget, as the camera work is somewhat choppy and the pacing is uneven, but the script and acting are superb.

6. I Was a Mail Order Bride (1982)

i was a mail order bride
I Was a Mail Order Bride (1982)

“I Was a Mail Order Bride” is a 1982 romantic comedy film directed by Marvin J. Chomsky and starring Valerie Bertinelli, Ted Wass and Kenneth Kimmins.

A lawyer based in Los Angeles, in a wager with one of his prankster associates, answers an advertisement from a beautiful Chicago magazine writer who is offering herself as a potential bride, viewing it as an investigative reporting assignment. He subsequently makes another bet that he can maintain a purely platonic relationship with her for two weeks.

The film received mixed reviews upon its release and was not a commercial success.

7. The Outsider (1994)

the outsider
The Outsider (1994)

This movie about John Gower, a widower and farmer, is faced with the challenge of taking care of both his land and his daughter, JD. One fateful day, he discovers a woman on the brink of death on his property. As he investigates, he learns that his neighbor, Tom Fender, has been murdered. The woman, Juliana, turns out to be Fender’s mail-order bride. John informs the Sheriff of his findings, leading to a dispute over Fender’s land. It appears that Colonel Howling is interested in buying the land, believing that Fender had no family. However, Juliana reveals that it was Howling’s own son who killed Fender and attempted to kill her as well. Despite her accusations, Howling uses his influence to cover up the truth. Gower, harboring a grudge against Howling, sets out to prove Juliana’s innocence and bring justice to Tom Fender.

8. Mail Order Wife (2004)

mail order wife 2004
Mail order wife 2004 cover art poster

A filmmaker finances a New York City doorman’s Asian mail-order wife in return for the privilege of capturing the journey on film. John and Lichi, a young woman from the Philippines, begin communicating through letters and eventually decide to get married. Lichi, who is looking for a better life and the opportunity to support her family back home, agrees to the arrangement.

However, upon her arrival in the United States, Lichi discovers she is wed to a reclusive man with a taste for sadistic role-playing during intercourse. As the filmmaker and Lichi grow closer, objectivity is thrown out the window. This tragic-comic love triangle is full of unexpected turns and nothing is as it seems.

“Mail Order Wife (2004)” is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged film that explores the complexities of modern relationships and the blurred lines between documentary and reality. It is a powerful reminder that the stories we tell are not always what they seem.

Mail order wife 2004 full movie

9. Picture Bride (1995)

picture bride
Picture Bride (1995)

The film also highlights the cultural differences between Japan and Hawaii, as Riyo struggles to adjust to the unfamiliar customs and way of life. It also touches on the theme of identity and belonging, as Riyo struggles to find her place in her new home and to reconcile her Japanese heritage with her new Hawaiian identity.

Overall, the film provides a thought-provoking and emotional look at a little-known aspect of Hawaiian history and the challenges faced by immigrants trying to make a new life in a foreign land. The performances are powerful and the cinematography captures the beauty and diversity of the islands. It is a powerful and moving film that is sure to resonate with audiences.

10. Zandy’s Bride (1974)

zandy brides
Zandy’s Bride (1974)

The movie “Zandy’s Bride” was made in 1974. As they begin to adjust to life together, Zandy realizes that Hanna is not just a pretty face, but a strong and capable woman who can hold her own in the harsh conditions of the ranch. She helps him with the farming and livestock, and even takes over when he is injured. But despite her hard work, Zandy still struggles to accept her as his equal and often belittles her.

Hanna, on the other hand, is determined to make the best of her situation and tries to win Zandy’s affection and respect. She shows him that she is more than just a mail-order bride and that she can be a valuable partner in their life together. But Zandy’s stubbornness and pride make it hard for him to see the true worth of Hanna.

As they face challenges and obstacles on the ranch, they both come to realize that they need each other to survive. Zandy starts to see Hanna as more than just a wife, but as a true companion and partner. And Hanna starts to see Zandy as more than just a harsh rancher, but as a man with a heart full of love. Together, they find the strength to overcome the struggles of their life on the ranch and build a strong and loving relationship.

Zandy`s bride movie
  • “Mail Order Bride” (2003)
  • “The Bride” (1985)
  • “Love Comes Softly” (2003)
  • “Dawn at Socorro” (1954)
  • “The Bride Wore Red” (1937)

To sum it up about mail order bride movies

There are plenty of films about the mail bride industry, and now you have the best ones to check out! Grab some popcorn or pizza and enjoy the evening!

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